Monday, February 25, 2013

Permaculture Life ... Bali to Barbados


I currently find myself in Holland freezing after spending 8 months working on various projects in Bali. 

The projects have ranged from the education of garden teams in sustainable gardening with Alila Villas Ulawatu to introducing Permaculture design principles and infrastructures to support sustainable organic food production at Bambu Indah boutique resort near Ubud.  While there I was also running permaculture workshops weekly and discussing permaculture as a way of life with yoga groups who used Bambu Indah for their courses. Thanks to Tara Judelle

Garden teams from Green school, Green Village , Bamboo Indah

In the eight months I have designed and had installed two gardens for owners of Bamboo houses designed by Elora Hardy’s Ibuku Design in the Green Village

Tropical food forest in infancy

Peter and Kinchem Barge next to their Herb Spiral
Bill Mollison designed their farm 20 years ago near Kiama Australia

Designs for permaculture outdoor education centres at the green school and Green Camp have also been approved.

Green School front entrance concept drawing

Green Camp outdoor classroom design 

I am currently working on the stage 2 designs for a healing centre after the initial site analysis. The design includes a closed loop waste management centre “Organic Wealth Centre” to provide all the necessary organic fertilizers for the sustainable growing of herbs, fruits , spices and vegetables for up to 60 people.

Permaculture Students

The centre will also be a venue to educate and train people in Permaculture design and sustainable practices.

In this time there has also been an “Adams Retort “ built and operational at PT BambuPure  where waste construction bamboo is pyrolysised to make charcoal and further processed with manures to become Bio Char. The initial trials have proved biochar works.

Adams Retort

There are other projects in the pipeline, which I hope to cover when I return to Bali in June.

In a week I will be working on a private garden in Barbados for clients I worked with last year in St Vincent and the Grenadines, again looking at how Permaculture design can grow healthy soil, save money and look good with what is locally available.