Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bali is Home

Bali is now where I call home.

While working in the Maldives I meet John Hardy at the SLOW LIFE Symposium where he spoke on his vision for the Green School in Bali and how it became a reality.

Off to be blessed

 John saw what we were doing on Soneva Fushi … Growing vegetables on sand!!!
As John is a supporter for edible food scapes everywhere and sustainable bamboo construction we struck up a friendship. Which has now led me to Bali.

Garden to Table gets better John

One cold summer day in London were I had just finished speaking at John invited me to come to Bali. I was booked to return to London 3 weeks later as I thought I was heading to the States to install a garden I had previously designed.

After a week John and Cynthia made me an offer I could not refuse and at the same time the US garden was cancelled. I have now been here 3 months, I never returned to London and now have all I need to stay for much, much longer to do what I do, be a “PERMACULTURIST”

The opportunity to work with forward thinking people such as John, Elora and Orin Hardy who have committed themselves to making a real change is so inspiring and rewarding.

Orin Hardy and Komang first no dig garden at Bambu Indah

I have had the opportunity to further demonstrate how turning organic waste into wealth through growing soil for sustainable organic food production is possible again on impoverished soil.
What we have to start with Lifeless Paradise

During my Permaculture Design Course Bill Mollison was asked would he go to Bali and run a course? His comment was why try to create paradise in paradise.
I thought this was a fair answer but having spent the time looking into the agricultural practices here I wish Bill had come to Paradise, as it is not Paradise when it comes to soil health.  Every one I meet says it is so easy to grow here you just throw a seed into the ground and up it comes. For the untrained eye it looks like a plant but under closer inspection the reality is they are not healthy plants to grow healthy people.

Growing Soil and closing the loop of waste

Again abiding to the principles of Permaculture design has shown that the Ph is 8-10, no soil life in hard clay bare soil watered twice daily and only cow dung or some chicken poo applied before planting.

Ph not fit for vegetables

The mission I have chosen here in Bali is to demonstrate how through sticking to the ethics and principles of Permaculture by designing closed loop waste management systems to create wealth from what is considered waste we all can grow healthy soil to grow healthy plants to grow healthy People.

Recycle Centre

Organic Wealth Centre at Bambu Indah

We are already on the way to success, Orin and my self have teamed up to form a great team as Orin is a Permaculturist and studied at the Regenerative Design Institute plus has a Liberal Arts Degree in environmental sustainability. Orin spent the first half of his life in Bali which gives him an in-depth knowledge of Balinese and Indonesian culture plus both Languages.

Hot Composting

Banana Circle workshop
These skills are invaluable for the workshops we hold and for project management on site.  Bagus!!! We are all about education and for all. Currently we run a workshop every Wednesday afternoon where we have gardeners from the Green School, Green Village, and Bamboo Indah all Indonesian then we also have westerners living in Bali also attending.   

Worm Farm

Come along if you are in Ubud more the better.

I will write about the work we do as it is varied from private residences to being part of SLOW FOOD Bali meetings.

Chicken Tractor

Solid Gold .. Waste to Wealth