Friday, May 4, 2012

"NO WASTE ONLY WEALTH" Six Senses Laamu Resort

It is with great pleasure that I can say the Eco Centro at Six Senses Laamu has now been completed and is operational.

Construction under way

Congratulations must be given to Sonu and Eva for the vision to first build the Eco Centro “Waste To Wealth Centro” on Soneva Fushi then to have them built on all Six Senses resorts to handle the waste streams coming onto and produced on the Resorts.  It was a great pleasure to work with the team at Six Senses Laamu.They have done an amazing job building the Centro from waste construction materials keeping in the true spirit of “Waste to Wealth, Reuse, Recycle”

Recycled and Reused steel pipe and roofing iron
Palm tree through roof

Many people have played important roles to get this Centro up and running from Anthony Paton GM when I first went to Laamu, Marteyne current GM, Rajesh, Abram, Vardi, Garden crew, construction team, Garfour and Arnfinn for all your helping the early design.The design also took into consideration minimal impact on the environment reducing the number of trees to be cut down. Rajesh was a champion at this. Note Palm trees disappearing through the roof. the design also has the production areas raised for gravity to do the work when filling up bays with compost or mulches.  

Mulching in
 in style and comfort

The Eco Centro will process all organics into compost or mulch for the sustainable organic food producing gardens and for the soil improvement for the new garden currently under construction.

New garden ..growing soil on sand
50,000kg food waste below

Already 50,000 kg of food waste has been used in the soil rehabilitation in these gardens.  This means 50,000 kg of food waste and other non-organics has not been dumped into the crystal clear waters of the Maldives.

Mulch to be added now ... no bare soil

Up to 2000kg of compost is produced every 24 days

Happy Composters

The rewards are now bearing fruit. Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants and Healthy People.

Non-organics such as plastics, mixed metals and glass have their own bays for storage until sold or recycled.

Bays for all Wealth 

The Eco Centro will not only supplying the necessary compost and mulches for sustainable organic food production. It demonstrates how through good Permaculture Design pollution from island resorts in fragile environments can be a thing of the past. This pollution inturn leads to food security a lower carbon footprint and most importantly skills up employee’s enabling them to take this knowledge back to their homes and do the same. 

There is no excuse as there is no such thing as “WASTE” only “WEALTH”

Spreading the Wealth

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