Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Six Senses Laamu Building for the Future

Waste to Wealth

Work has commenced on the construction of the Eco Centro using all recycled available material possible.

The start of Eco Centro

To date support poles have been erected using galvanized scaffolding poles. The dimensions of the work area are now 4m + 3m +4m with compost and recycle bays a minimum of 2m x 2m.

Using recycled materials

Height to centre is 4.6 m with roofing over bays at 4 m.

The Vision 

The roof line has been changed from the original design allowing for ventilation there is now a raised ridge cap running north to south overlapping the pitched roof for hot air to escape and not allowing any rain to enter.

Hand made to size

Roof trusses are being fabricated on sight from recycled scaffolding poles.

Recycled roof sheets ... no waste 

Roofing iron is being recycled primed and painted. Once all truss fabrication is completed they will be erected.

Roof trusses in place

There are now two full time hosts working at Eco Centro, once construction is finished this will improve recycling out put greatly.

Compost bay trusses

Training for the new Eco Centro has included a “Waste to Wealth” presentation for the Eco Centro Hosts, Garden supervisor and the Social and Environmental  Manager. This was to show the waste products they will encounter in a fully functioning Eco Centro and to demonstrate what wastes can be turned into wealth for the resort.

Further composting and mulching workshops and demonstrations have also been done as all machinery and composting station will be housed in the new structure.

Wet compost pile fungi breaking it down

Centre of pile with microbial activity 

A valuable lesson was learnt in the need to control moisture content when making compost the “Berkeley Method” way. A moisture content of no more than 60% is desirable,if not  the process takes longer if not at all and creates unwelcome smells.

Too much moisture

As shown here the pile was made outside and without cover due to the tropical rains that persisted for the last month the pile had not decomposed though still maintaining central heat. There was also a strong odor that should not last if the pile is aerobic.

Compost used in Banana Circle 

                As in all good Permaculture systems trial and error are good teachers. 

            There is not only one Permaculture.... "Bill Mollison"