Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Senses Lammu Waste to Wealth

As discussed last blog Six Senses Resorts and Spa’s commitment to a sustainable future commenced at Eco Centro on the Flag Ship Resort Soneva Fushi.

Leaf Garden and Restaurant

As Soneva Fushi has grown and developed the “Waste to Wealth … Eco Centro” and progressed with sustainable systems to turn most waste into some form of wealth  as Composts, Bio Char, Charcoal, Mulches and soil conditioners (Coconut powder).Permaculture designed food production systems have shown that there is a solution to sustainable agriculture on low coral islands .

From Leaf Garden

The objective was to roll out replicable models that could be used on other sister resorts and within the local communities to reduce the impact of pollution on the environments tourists and travelers come to see world wide.   

As seen last Blog Soneva Gili has now begun construction of their own Eco Centro and Six Senses Laamu is now under way.

An area has been cleared and the initial design altered slightly to reduce the foot print to lessen the impact on the natural vegetation.

On my last visit there we concentrated again on improving soil health to improve food security.

Just add waste

More waste

The Gardens at Soneva Fushi produce up to 35% of vegetables and herbs and salads on 3500m2. Currently there is about half this area under cultivation at the Leaf Garden.

 During the visit we started clearing the next garden area that would link to the existing Leaf Garden and to the planned Eco centro.   

New Garden Area

First things first... again ...."Healthy soil healthy plants". No soil so let’s grow it!!!

As we have proved at Soneva Fushi Food waste incorporated with green manures and mulches and compost grow healthy soil and reduce the pH at the same time.

Vardi's make shift Eco Centro

Growing Soil 


Within the new garden we have looked at the Bio Mass coming out from the trimming. On first inspection everyone said lets take it to the shredder... Why ?

Why not arrange it as in a no dig garden system and let nature grow the soil for us ?

Bio Mass to be returned to make no dig gardens

“Lets work with Nature Not Against It” 

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  1. As above give a nice post.A Sustainable agriculture for food production system has been designed to show that there is a low coral island sustainable development of agriculture solutions.