Friday, July 22, 2011

"Inspired" now change for good ?

Dharavdhoo School group

In the month of June around 150 school children, teachers and parents have been to
 Eco Centro from 10 different schools and three islands, Male, Kihaadhoo and Dharavdhoo. The children all ranging in different ages and coming for varying backgrounds and communities, though all showed the same commitment to learning about how they can help to overcome the global challenge of climate change in there own back yard which from all indicators may not be here one day due to rising sea levels as a result of Global warming.

Water strategies "Mulch"

The one point that has sunk into me is that these children are not thinking of their own situation in isolation but express concern on a global level. As we all know what we do to help in the fight against rising world temperatures at home are felt world wide as there are no barriers that say what is done in the Maldives will only protect the Maldives.

Raised garden beds

These children and family members are helping all people of the world and they will be the first to lose their world if all of us do not think the same.

Learning together Nashid and Nieces

Father & Son

The Children from Dharavdhoo who toured Eco Centro were selected as they were “First placed winners of Water Day, March 22, 2011 competition where they prepared assignments on water issues faced in the Maldives and world wide.

The tour included showing the students Permaculture systems used in the Outdoor Classroom related to water conservation and capture. Systems discussed and seen were how we made compost on site for improving soil moisture by adding in Bio Char also made on site.

Contoured garden bed and coconut fibre paths

We looked at garden bed design in the tropics that included contour swales to hydrate the land and use of coconut fiber on pathways to absorb and slow water down to avoid nutrient loss and erosion. Raised beds and deep pit designs along with sheet mulching were also shown. Then we discussed water collection systems from available roof space to holding tanks for watering.

Thank you

At the end of the tour the children presented me with many gifts and a hand made appreciation banner for coming to the Eco Centro at Soneva Fushi.
It was an inspiration to be with children of all ages so committed to learning and accepting the changes that have to be made for all of us to keep on enjoying this beautiful part of the world.

Thank you again

The challenge is now for you to support these inspiring children by making a change yourself in you daily lives no matter where you live to help reduce climate change?

If the children of Dharavdhoo can do it so can you and we will all benefit so lets

We can do it so can you !!!

Care for the Earth, Care for the People and Create Abundance for all to Share???

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