Sunday, March 27, 2011

That Crazy French Woman

Natural Wine Natural Food

That Crazy French Woman & I

Recently Isabelle Legeron was a invited to Soneva Fushi where she spoke with guest on sustainable wine growing methods and having wine tastings of organiclly and biodynamically produced  wines.

Isabelle also showed her documentary on various winemakers using these methods around the world.

I was fortunate to meet Isabelle and Deb and show them around the island and discuss the permaculture design methods we are using and implementing here to improve soil healh, save water and increase productivity.

Isabelle asked if I could be interviewed while discussing Permaculture Design Principles the meaning of sustainabilityand gardening techniques to grow soil.

Isabelle & Deb

 To see the interviews please go to these links:

I would like to thank Isabelle and Deb for showing so much passion for Permaculture in such a short time of being exposed and to give me the opportunity to discuss Permaculture and have it spread through their web site.
I look forward to helping in any way to further continue the infecting of others to how Permaculture can help us all become more sustainable in what ever pasions we have. 
Natural Wine goes with  Natural Food 

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