Saturday, February 19, 2011

Instinctive Permaculturists of Kihaadhoo Island

This week I want to return to the trip to Kihaadhoo Island as it reinforced what Permaculture is all about to me.

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with Nature not against Nature.

But how do we do this?

By being a keen observer of Nature?

Nature of Kihaadhoo

This behavior learnt or instinctive was cemented in my mind by Bill Mollison in Tasmania following my PDC. The UP Close and Personal time with Bill and Lisa was spent walking in the wilderness and around their farm, sitting on beaches, driving through the country and just talking and cooking. At all times looking, listening and observing what Nature had provided around you. The sun, the wind, the vegetation, the birds, animals, the color of the soil, the grass, the trees, the sky,landscape, everything that all our senses can feel, smell, see, hear,taste plus that sixth sense too or "Whoo Wha" as Bill would say.

Without even thinking I am now constantly staring in amazement at Nature and thinking how I can work with Nature to achieve sustainable outcomes for all life requirements which is food first. The old saying Food, Clothing and Shelter.

Only half the people in the world always have enough food.
And of that half, 17% face real food shortages that may result in malnutrition and even starvation

Now we are back full circle to "Permaculture" the word “Permanent Sustainable Agriculture”  

As has been shown throughout history if we do not observe Nature, how can we work with Nature to have a permanent sustainable agricultural basis for continual food production with surplus?

Since the 1950 to 1990 most soils have been destroyed with soil loss estimated at 5-7 million hectares per year globally. 

The trip to Kihaadhoo showed how on an island of 440 people with an agricultural base there are observers of Nature, "Instinctive Permaculturist" and not. You dont need to have done a Permaculture Design Certificate to be a Permaculturist as I have seen on Kihaadhoo. 

The photos below show who is observing Nature and who is working with Nature?

Potted chilli controling nature


Renewable resourse 

Bare soil costly infrastructure




If we all sat down as smelt the roses(Nature) more often who knows what the world would be like ...
Full of good soil, food and healthy happy healthy people?

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