Monday, January 3, 2011

Young Permies

Happy New Year and wishing everyone the best for 20011.

Over the Xmas, New Year holidays a childrens club was set up for guests and I was asked to help with garden based activities.

The first activity was showing the children how to raise seeds, plant seedlings and to care for them.

A big thank you goes to INDEP  whose DVD I used which had been designed especially for educating children in sustainable gardening in Indonesia.

International Permaculturist Unite

The children were enthusiastic when asked questions on the type of vegetables grown and how to care for the seedlings and plants. All raised their hands and proudly sharing their knowledge loudly.

Fresh Coconut Treat
 After the presentation we went to the Eco Centro where I showed them the compost making process .They were able to touch and smell the various components that we use to make compost. Sawdust, leaf litter,bio char and vegetable waste plus a hot heap was explored.

Mulching With A Smile 

The staff at Eco Centro had prepared beds for the children to add compost, plant lemon grass, mulch and then water. The children ranged in age from 2years to 10 years and of various nationalities, Russian, French, English, Thi and German .All worked together brilliantly getting dirty and wet.

By the end of our  time together the children edge planted the lemon grass where it will stay to become part of a guild demonstration for the Outdoor Permaculture Classroom. 

Lemon GrassEdge Planting

The second activity was a Flora and Forna photography search. The children selected five unknown cards which had either an animal or a plant they had to find while walking through the island to the Vegetable Garden. Bats, Gecko's, Water Hen, Basil, Mint, Passion Fruit and Lemon Grass were some of the animals and plants the children had to find and photograph.

Water Hen



Once the the photos were taken we gathered at the Bar for "Shirlie Temples" and downloaded the pictures straight away for the children to see them on the big screen television.

To finish off we had a smell and sight test with herbs from the garden. The activity was to be a competition, everyone was a winner !!

Again the children showed great enthusiasm throughout the morning without one squeal or a tear in sight. The sign of a successful childrens activity.

Keen Observers of Nature 
Maybe we should all observe and work with nature more and then maybe the world would have less tears shead ? 

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