Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Presents

Christmas has gone for another year and the wrapping paper is put into plastic bags thrown into rubbish bins and the useless gifts will become Stuff ?

Not here !!!

This Xmas we received gifts of  quality compost and decreasing soil pH.

Thank you to all the hosts of Soneva Fushi as to acheive these results everyone is involved. How do we do our job at the Eco Centro and vegetable gardens if guest don't eat or drink and for that matter arrive in the first place.

On the 29th November the first two fast compost piles (The Berkeley Method) were made and on the 23rd December they were turned into the storage bins.

The piles were tested for pH and soil moisture. Moisture levels were between 50-60 % ( Ideal) and the pH 7-71/2 very good.

Now we have proven we can make a quality compost in 24 days the challenge now is to make enough to supply our needs and if possible to make it even quicker.

Pile 1 finished

pile 2 finished

The second present was confirmation that the soil pH could be lowered using organic matter without animal manures.
Soil pH tests on the first bed retrofitted using tropical bed building strategies as shown in "Permaculture A designers Manual" by Bill Mollison lowering at least by one point and showed and greater moisture retention. 
 Tests showed a reading between 9-10 one month ago. Once 7 is achieved there is no stopping us to produce consistent excellent varieties of tropical fruit and vegetables. 

Bottom 2 tests of retrofitted bed . Top 2 adjacent bed unattended to

To aid in the further reduction of pH and improvement in soil health a shipment of legume seeds has arrived which will be planted and monitored to assess improvement. 

Bed 1 soil conditioning

The legumes sourced include pigeon pea ,cow pea, buck wheat and millet all to be used as nitrogen fixers and green manures to turn into the beds for a healthier and happier 2011.

Raja Ravi Mani Russell

Wishing you all the best for 2011

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  1. Well christmas is on way... So many options are available in gifts But I've been trying to figure out a fun, homemade christmas gifts for him this Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing!