Monday, December 6, 2010

Change Is Good

Following the introduction of tropical soil building over a week ago the response has been very positive ...

My initial thoughts was how was I going to introduce new ideas and then gain commitment to the changes in garden design and soil management when the same practices had traditionally been in place for over 10 years.

I just keep thinking of a saying from a psycology text book "Traditions are easier to change than someone's values "

Traditionally we used no pesticides , herbicides , chemical fertilizers. Multinational Agracultural companies were able to change this tradition  in the early 1950's  which has proven to be a change for the worse !!!

So why couldn't  I change a tratition of bare soil farming and no mulching when these techniques have proven to be good for the Earth, the People and provide Abundance.

The key to the change was the pH soil testing, it is such a visual display of colour and the netural range is a  healthy leaf  green , isn't that what we all want to see in a plant ? The Gardners I work with are very proud of their gardens and know when something is not right it was explained to me " If my plants do not look happy I am not happy" and there are unhappy plants. A soil with a pH of 10 explains it all.

The commitment has been amaxing with a garden bed being retrofitted every day now. I also explained how by redesigning the widths of the beds to be two arm spans wide would also help in the ease of maintaining the beds and benefit the soil by not compacting it through walking on it .

The use of the kitchen waste has also increased especially the fish frames . As all beds canot be retrofitted at once the gardners suggested digging holes in existing beds and fill with fish waste  ... It is so encouraging how now they are suggesting strategies to improve soil .

The first bed started  several weeks ago is now planted with beans to fix nitrogen and the thick mulch has been a great example of water harvesting and prevention of water run off. Tropical downpours have been frequent the last week. The sight of pooling water on bare soil compared to raised beds heavily mulched showing no signs of plant damage has also led to the acceptance of mulching. I do not work fultime in the gardens as my time is divided between several locations It brings so much pleasure when I walk into the garden and see CHANGE for the good .

Last month organic matter returned to soil includes
1650kgs of Mulch
1060kgs of compost
400kgs kitchen waste
200kgs cardboard  

We are all Happier !!!

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  1. I like your approach that it is empowering and not strictly didactic!