Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Silver Lining

This week has been the start of an amazing adventure. I have been undergoing  orientation to all the different departments within the resort finding out how they function looking at their inputs and outputs.

As the role of Permaculturist is to manage "Waste to Wealth"  in such a fragile environment I am continually assessing each department to the 8 principles of Permaculture.  

Permaculture Principles

  1. Relative location of elements placed to assist each other
  2. Each element performs many functions at least 3
  3. Efficient energy planning ( zones and sectors)
  4. Emphasis on use of biological resources over fossil fuels
  5. Energy recycling on site (fuel and human)
  6. Using and accelerating natural plant succession to establish favorable sites and soils
  7. Polyculture and diversity to benefit species for productive , interactive systems
  8. Use of edge and natural patterns for best effect
Through addressing these principles when designing solutions for this unique environment we can only plan to succeed .

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