Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Waving not Drowning

As this is my first Post I would like to thank Bill Mollison for inspiring me to learn about  Permaculture. I saw a documentary in the mid 80's , bought "Introduction to Permaculture " This ongoing learning has opened my eyes and enables me to see the world how it was, is and can be .

The sound of fresh is cemented in my mind and mouth I encourage all to at least see if Permaculture makes sense to you too !!!!

It made so much sense to me that  in two days I leave to start work as a Permaculturist in the Maldives .  Who would of believed that job existed 20 years ago?

My role as the Permaculturist is to explore ways waste can be turned into wealth through Permaculture design systems that  "Care for the Land", "Care for the People" and "Fair Share" for all.

Join me in creating "ABUNDANCE "


  1. Tahnk you for your information about permaculture , we sure need help to save this earth from the humans who are intent on destroying it for profits .
    Food is now not real , frozen , stored and damaged and contiminated to the point that babies are at risk of being damaged from brest milk, rise in childhood tumors . We need to look at our food chain , permaculture sounds like a way to start.

  2. Permaculture is a way to start but in reality Permaculture is the answer as we can design Permaculture systems for whole communities if not countries. Whithin these systems food is only one element of the design. First we have to take care of the land to creat healthy soils that will nourish ecosystems that in turn provide nutritional wholesome food.

    As we all know chemical free food locally grown that is sustainable addresses the 3 majour issues of our life time

    1. Global Warming
    2. Peak Oil
    3. Food Crisis

    Foods grown this way have also shown to reduce the indicence of diseases we see today.

    Starting is the hard part but once you start to think the Permaculture way it all makes sense.

    If you do want to make a difference I suggest start by reading "Permaculture 2" (Practicle Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture ) by Bill Mollison Tagari publications